• Medical AI Medical AI

Field: Laboratory

Laboratory personnel can use external medical devices to enhance ultrasonic imaging and transmit the data to an ACCEL-VM500 medical PC to understand the effects of the local delivery of medicine. This AI enabled platform can also perform big data analysis on data input, comparing it to a standardized genomic database, to build an association graph and prediction model based on known diseases and treatments to assist professionals in identifying underlying disease threats, thus greatly improving efficiency, accuracy, and quality of medical care while reducing the cost of genomic analysis.

Field: Sports Center

Physiological data generated during exercise through motion sensing technology can be projected on the large screen Onyx ACCEL-A2701 for easy review. When combined with AI sensing technology, more accurate measurements of heart rate, pulse wave index, physical and mental balance index, and diastolic index can be useful for studies of common sports such as running, hiking, and cycling. AI integrated into professional human kinetics studies can help in establishing a standardized and intelligent health data center.

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