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How Does a Digital Diagnostic Scope Turn into a Perfect Telemedicine Solution?


Onyx’s large variety of mobile medical products is well suited to meet the flexible requirements of medical professionals working both onsite and in remote locations. When coupled with a digital diagnostic scope, the effectiveness of these combined technologies becomes the perfect solution for quickly and easily creating an effective telemedicine implementation that is ideal for both in-house and remote use.


  • Functions as a mini-clinic
  • With you wherever you go
  • Custom kit can include medical grade tablet, digital diagnostic scope, and any devices needed by a doctor for mobile medical examinations










  • HighlightingOnyx MD116/MD116i
  • Dual everything—batteries, smart card readers, LTE modules
  • Embedded RFID reader
  • Rugged design









  • Highlighting Onyx Venus Series
  • Different sizes to choose from (12”-24” AIO)
  • Embedded battery
  • 24/7 non-stop use
  • Use with medical cart for ultimate convenience
  • Cable-free design
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